Construction Law

Civil & Industrial

Our lawyers are equipped to assist throughout the entirety of a civil or industrial infrastructure project. They can prepare, negotiate and advise on all the key documents, including RFT evaluations, tender responses, heads of agreement, MOUs and all associated resulting documents, such as development agreements, design and construct agreements, construct only agreements, third party service provider and subcontractor agreements and all associated procurement processes. Our lawyers can provide advice on bank guarantees, security and bonds and have expertise with greenfields sites, remote areas, engineering and council requirements, health & safety compliance and requirements relating to heritage, native title & environmental sites of significance, and crown land leases licences and permits. When required, we can assist with disputes, arbitration and adjudication.

With Australia's strict and ever evolving building laws, you can be assured that we keep up to date with the National Construction Code, the Australian Building Codes, design and compliance standards, case law, regulations and legislation. We regularly use, amend and advise on AS 4300, 4902 , 4903, and MBA Decon2 and CM contracts.


Our corporate team are experienced in drafting and reviewing contracts, personalised to your unique business or property needs. We create binding, comprehensive contracts which thoroughly cover potential clauses and scenarios, carefully negotiated to reflect your specific project’s needs. If you are concerned about the legality of an existing contract, our lawyers can review your contracts and provide systematic, itemised advice regarding your rights and legal responsibilities. We can also assist in altering contracts, negotiating vital terms, indemnities and assess any risks involved with our clients entering in to agreements.

In the event of a breach or default, our lawyers are equipped to advise you on the most appropriate legal route and will assist in receiving remedies or compensation.

Litigation & Disputes

We provide thorough, practical, reliable litigation and dispute management services. We have good connections with top senior counsels, barristers and leading industry experts with specific and broad industry knowledge who truly understand complicated construction situations. Our first aim whenever any issue arises is to attempt quick resolution of the dispute in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. We are equipped to provide advice on defective building work claims, prolongation, disruption, delays, liquidated damages, insurance events, water and flooding damage, expert reports and determinations and professional liability claims. We aim to settle disputes prior to litigation, utilising a range of dispute resolution and mediation approaches to help determine a suitable outcome for all parties. If these approaches are not appropriate, our team will vigorously litigate and defend to ultimately achieve the best possible outcome for our client.